The OUR COMMUNITY Photo Campaign, now in its third iteration, captures and creates a visual record of the vibrant Queer community in Eugene, Oregon. Produced by The Wayward Lamb and captured by photography superstar Athena Delene, the campaign was designed to give a voice and an identity to a community that lacked a dedicated space for almost ten years. 

Over the course of the months leading up to Pride weekend, daily online posts will feature photos of Queer people, businesses, friends, families and allies in Eugene, as well as their stories. At the end of the campaign, the digital presence will be translated into a physical form as a rotating gallery in our pub space, connecting the community into our space and creating a cohesive relationship.

Honoring history and documenting are important to our space and the community. It is our hope to continue the campaign yearly, featuring new participants willing to share their story. 

Registration to participate in the 2017/2018 campaign is now closed.