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First Friday ArtWalk at The Wayward Lamb

Be sure to check us out on Friday December 1st! We will have the work of Christian Ives on display, live music by Chad Feipel, and samplings from Heritage Distilling Co.!



Christian Ives

"The way each of us remembers a particular moment in life has always fascinated me. Our minds can only focus on so many details at a time, which makes how we view any given moment truly unique to each viewer. My paintings represent how we perceive reality while we are living in these moments. Some details are blurring out, while others are hyper-exaggerating others. The way I paint is the most natural and enjoyable way for me to create using this model. Expressive colors and lines create multiple images on one canvas with knives, brushes, and squeegees until the perception of the moment has fully been reached.

My paintings are always inspired from the moments in my life worth remembering; especially with loved ones, wildlife, and places I travel. It has become my way of appreciating these moments in life and doing everything possible to live a fully aware life. Using oil paint on canvas and wood, each painting always influences the next. I enjoy the process of my painting since each color and subject matter control the flow of where the painting will go. When finished I take pleasure in seeing what other people find in my art as no one ever sees the same thing."

Chad Feipel

Singer/songwriter that blends a bluesy-soulful voice with a grungy folk guitar. While living the struggle of a gay man in America, Chad has forged a variety of original songs as well as original takes on cover songs.

Heritage Distilling Co.

Walter Wakeman will be on site representing Heritage Distilling Co. Try spirit samples and their Brown Sugar Bourbon featured in our seasonal Naughty Toddy cocktail!

 "Curtain Call" - Christian Ives

"Curtain Call" - Christian Ives

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