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Chevalier Theatrics | In Concert

Chevalier Theatrics, Live In Concert in The Den

Tickets are $5 at the door. Doors open at 7PM, showtime is 8PM. See you there!


We (Austin & Katherine) met backstage at the Shedd Institute and the Wildish Theatre in April of 2015. Katherine had just recorded string arrangements with Concrete Loveseat for their new album "Breathing & Breaking." Austin plays pianos in Concrete Loveseat and Katherine had come to play with the band for their CD release show as well as a local fundraising gala. 

We struck a spark of friendship over greenroom conversations about composing musicals, Jungian analysis, dream work and musical influences. Mutual curiosity led to a desire to work together professionally. Initially we set out to conquer a list of cover songs that inspired us so that we could build a repertoire that would allow us to begin playing local venues. We also sprinkled our original work into the lineup. 

Then one day during rehearsal we had an epiphany. We both enjoyed working on our original songs so much that we decided to drop all covers and redirect our energy to creating a completely original project. With great humility and mutual respect we have now set sail into a musical world of beauty, drama, entertainment, humor, costume, make up and performance.